Room & Charge

Adult charge 2900 yen! There are 3 rooms. We hope you to enjoy your staying in NOTO.

Room Charge & Usage Guidance

Please pay room charge when you check in.

Room charge one night (tax included)

* The dormitory is not available now.

UsuallySummer season
Winter season
Adult charge
(elementary school children or over)
Men and women are separated
in the other dormitory
(sharing a room)
2,700 yen3,100 yen
One room for 1 person4,500 yen/room4,500 yen/room
One room for more than 2 people7,200 yen/room7,800 yen/room
One room for more than 3 people9,600 yen/room10,500 yen/room
One room for more than 4 people11,600 yen/room12,800 yen/room
from 3 years and over to under 7 years1,100 yen
under 2 yearscannot stay

Even after reservation, We may have to cancel due to issues related to covid-19.
We appreciated to your understanding.

* Children under 2 years of age cannot stay in our guest house.

* If any child of under elementary school student needs FUTON, you need to pay adult charge for him/her.
* The above is a basic charge. If you have any question, pleases feel free to ask us anytime.

Check in / Check out

Check in3:00pm - 7:00pm
Check outat 10:00am

* Please check in at the cafe next door "You-ho" (As for the cafe, Tuesday is a regular holiday
* When you arrive after 7:00pm, please tell us beforehand

About cancellation

When you want to cancel the staying, please contact us by five days before the scheduled date.
Please be careful if you cancel the staying 4 days before the scheduled date, you pay cancellation charge.

From 4 days before to the day before50% of room charges
On the day or, nothing staying without contacting us100% of room charges

About Rooms

There are 3 rooms on the second floor. It depends on the reservation status of the day in our guesthouse; we let the rooms be cozy for all guestssatisfaction.
The rooms are all for no smoking. (Smoking place is available)
Eating any food or drinking is prohibited. Thank you for your cooperation.



For 1 or 2 people in the smallest room. Since you can see the best scenery and the room has a window in the southeast in the corner, we recommend this room if this is vacant.

Occupancy1 or 2 people
Size8 tatami (1 "tatami" size is 170cm*85cm)

* Futon - Japanese bedding and bed linen are included in the room rate
* Toilets and face wash place are shared.



These rooms for 2 or 3 people are recommended for families or couples. Since there is room a little more to stay for 2 people, this is perfect when you might have a small child. In a day of nice weather, maybe you can see a small uninhabited island called Aoshima.

Occupancy2 or 3 people
Size8 tatami (1 "tatami" size is 170cm*85cm)

* Futon - Japanese bedding and bed linen are included in the room rate
* Toilets and face wash place are shared.

FORE to SIX people


This is for 4-6 people recommended for a group. Saving your room charge, we hope you can use money in another way especially for student travel. You can also use it for such as training camp or seminar. You can see the views of yacht harbor from the large windows of the south.

Occupancy4 to 6 people
Size12 tatami (1 "tatami" size is 170cm×85cm)

* Futon - Japanese bedding and bed linen are included in the room rate
* Toilets and face wash place are shared.

Facirities & Equipment

Communal dining room (1st floor)

Communal dining room

There is the sharing dining room.
When you have eating and drinking, please use the dining room or outside table. After 10p.m. do not make noise. Please talk gently.
This room has a wood stove,you may feel warm in winter time by fire with nice conversation.
Since a lot of foreign guests also visit this house, let’s start saying hello in foreign languages using the various greeting words written on the wall.

We recommend this hot spring
"Nakajima Sarutahiko Onsen Iyashi no Yu"

We have no shower room at Guest House Hokkai.
However, you can enjoy a hot spring bath at "Nakajima Sarutahiko Onsen Iyashi no Yu", a 5 minute walk from our accommodation.
We offer discount tickets to the hot spring for our guests.
With a discount ticket, use of the hot spring is 350 yen, a 200 yen discount.


Additional Information

  • Free WIFI access is available in all guest rooms (Please ask staff for password).
  • There is no curfew, but if you will return to your room later than 10 p.m. please let us know when you check in.
  • Customers can stay a maximum of 14 nights per trip.